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© / Isla Rasinkangas© / Isla Rasinkangas

Rock paintings in SaraakallioRock paintings in Saraakallio

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Sammalsielu - Your Guide to Inner and Outer Nature


Sammalsielu (Soul of Moss) offers unique experiences combining nature trips, ancestral wisdom, and personal development. Sammalsielu has a rewilding approach to guiding. The aim of the programs is to create a bridge between our inner and outer nature as well as between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

This happens by exercises that bond us with the outer nature and help us to hear and follow the nature within. Besides meditative exercises in nature the program can include for example drumming and chanting, speaking circles, storytelling, and poetry.

Sammalsielu operates mainly in the region of Jyväskylä in Central Finland. You'll find more details below and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.





Nature Guiding

Day trips and longer hikes with a rewilding theme. Sammalsielu's nature trips strengthen your relationship with nature and help you get in touch with your inner nature. We seek guidance directly from nature and also from the archaic Fenno-Ugric and primitive wisdom to reach a balanced and vitalized state of mind.

The services include for example:

  • Guided trips to the neolithic rock paintings of Saraakallio in Laukaa, Central Finland
  • Guided trips to the National Parks of Central Finland
  • Kalevalaic Meditations
  • "The Ancestors' Mind" Nature Walks


Rites of Passage and Rituals

Meaningful Rites of Passage and rituals are neglected in our modern culture. Rituals are important for individual and communal life as they offer a structured way to leave old things behind and to let something new to be born. By doing so they serve balance in our lives. Rituals can make our inner life visible and thus easier to grasp consciously.

That is why a ritual is necessary in any major life change. If a chapter is closing in your life and a new one is awaiting, celebrate the change in a meaningful ritual. Sammalsielu's rituals are always tailor-made for you taking into account your current life situation!


Lectures and Writings

If your event needs a speaker or your publication an article about the themes of rewilding, technology and civilization critique, ancestral wisdom, or other themes described on this page please contact me by e-mail that is provided below.


The Guide

© / Isla Rasinkangas© / Isla RasinkangasMy name is Osma Naukkarinen, your guide to inner and outer nature. I'm passionate about seeking deep wisdom and knowledge about the fundamental questions of our existence. Who are we and where did we come from, where are we, and what is our purpose of being?

Extensive reading and studying of modern and primitive cultures and human relationship with nature combined with my experiences in the wilderness have helped me to find some keys to purposeful and meaningful existence.

There is no other path to truth than your own, which means that I can only act as a guide. But I believe that no one should be destined to walk their path alone, which is why I want to offer my gentle help for the fellow seekers and walkers.


  • Wilderness guide (International Wilderness Guide Program. Kuru, Finland)
  • Nature Connection Coach
  • Advanced First Aid (Finnish FA 2)
  • Travel Industry Worker's Safety Passport
  • Food Hygiene Passport
  • Euro Paddle Pass 2



Please contact me by e-mail (osma[at] if you'd like more information. Please let me know of your needs and I'll be happy to serve you.